This site contains our (growing!) archive of permanent collection pieces available for short-term rental for print, film and special events. Please note that we are also open to renting any number of pieces which are currently for sale at Le Grenier, so if you see something you like at the store please feel free to ask. We're also constantly sourcing new items -- for the store, for private clients and for our prop collection -- so if there's something you're looking for, please let us know!

A certificate of insurance is required for all rentals, and while we can usually arrange transportation we sure do love it when you can pick up and drop off.

With more than a decade of print production experience, you can rest assured that we take our prop rentals seriously and aim to provide you with excellent service and a worry-free experience. We are also open to special arrangements and negotiating rates for bulk rentals or extended shoots.

Thanks for checking out our items!

Le Grenier